Help me choose-UMN, Fordham, GW, etc...

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Help me choose-UMN, Fordham, GW, etc...

Postby tinlawman » Thu Jan 27, 2011 5:55 pm

I got into UMN, but from what it seems, people on here don't think they are worth their ranking.
I got waitlisted from Fordham and GW and still waiting on a response from BC and WUSTL. I'm also still waiting on American, but not sure whether they are on the same level as these other schools.

It doesn't really matter to me where I end up working-I'd be very happy with TC/midwest, NY, DC, or Boston.

I really like both corporate law and public interest law (Gov't work like FTC or AG would be great-I am aware that I would have to work for a couple years before that)

If you had to rank those schools, how would you rank them? Should I send LOCIs to Fordham and GW? Do they generally waitlist a lot more people than they accept (as compared to other schools)? i.e. What kind of shot do I have?

Also, I need to send a Dean's cert into Cardozo for my application to go complete. Is it worth it?


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Re: Help me choose-UMN, Fordham, GW, etc...

Postby bk1 » Thu Jan 27, 2011 6:04 pm

UMN is only weaker than the others because it places in a much smaller market (though it is the king that market instead of being low man on the totem pole like Fordham/GW).

Honestly these schools are all comparable and you should really decide based on either how much scholarship money you get (which seems unlikely seeing as you've been waitlisted) and/or where you want to live.

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