Why do people hate on Berkeley?

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Re: Why do people hate on Berkeley?

Postby HeavenWood » Wed Jan 12, 2011 6:35 pm

Casey2889 wrote:I'm applying there. It's my 5th choice (3.98/172 @ ivy) after S/Y/H/Col, but it looks like a lot of folks on this board dismiss the place altogether. Is there something I'm missing? They're pretty consistently ranked top 5-7....yet people with credentials to get in are fawning over places like "MVP" (Michigan, Virginia, Penn, I presume..?) and not even applying to Boalt.

What's the deal?

1) This is TLS
2) There's a "T" in the school's name.
3) The economy sucks, and Boalt is in a small, yet hotly contested market, making its relative placement power weaker than MVPDN.
4) This is TLS.

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Re: Why do people hate on Berkeley?

Postby applepiecrust » Thu Jan 13, 2011 9:59 pm

emhellmer wrote:
OP, as Berkeley has not had any recent graduates featured in the NY Times because they were making a mere $30/hr ($60,000/yr) as a legal temp, Berkeley is hereby superior to Columbia.

The "Columbia grad" in the NYT article didn't get his JD at Columbia, he got his JD at the University of Florida.

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