3.7, 166/171 - Want a Career in Public Interest

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3.7, 166/171 - Want a Career in Public Interest

Postby dddeanUNC » Sun Oct 31, 2010 11:13 am

Where should I apply?

So, my October retake came in quite a bit higher than I was expecting, and it has me rethinking my application strategy. I had been pretty single-mindedly focused on minimizing debt, so was looking at schools like UGA/Bama/etc. A big salary is not a priority for me. (I've spent the last seven years working as a missionary in China making a shade more than 15k a year.) On the other hand, I would like to be employed.

But as my new LSAT has potentially opened the door to some of the generous LRAPs in the T14, I feel like the picture has gotten more complicated. Can anything beat GULC's LRAP in the range of schools I have a chance at? Are there other comparable options? And how much will my previous LSAT damage my chances at Georgetown anyway?

I guess the bottom-line for me is I will only consider taking on a major debt load from a school with a competitive LRAP, because I'm dead set on not being forced into a particular kind of job just because of the paycheck.

I'm very flexible in where I live and work, so regional schools are very much something I don't mind considering.

I'm hoping for feedback with a little more nuance than 'T14 period.'

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