Should I go to University of Idaho?

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Re: Should I go to University of Idaho?

Postby mrtoren » Wed Sep 07, 2011 3:55 pm

Don't do it. I hate to be the debbie downer, but you have chosen your life course. Two years of undergraduate work, plus another three years of law school is a poor decision considering you lost just your family business and have to be in some kind of economic trouble. Add on the fact you'll be 49-50 years when you get out and its just unrealistic. The legal market is horrific enough for the young bucks eager to work their lives away for low pay. You have a family that needs you and the money you bring in.

If you have to get additional education to find a job, go for a bachelors degree in something. If you're stubborn and law is a must, look into paralegal certificates. Many firms are hiring them because they're cheaper than lawyers and do a lot of the same research/writing. I only know one attorney who started in his 50's and he was a state trooper for 30+ years. He retired, collected his pension, went to law school, and was hired by the local state's attorney's office. Bear in mind, he had A TON of connections that he had developed over the years and they were probably the only reason he got hired.

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Re: Should I go to University of Idaho?

Postby king3780 » Sun Sep 11, 2011 9:06 pm

El_Gallo wrote:
ocbrody wrote:Other than the fact that it took 9 months for that reply, I totally agree with you that Moscow sucks. If the OP is still out there/still cares/still alive I could share why I chose not to be in the Idaho entering class this fall.

Do share.

And how about this hypo. UW, BYU, or UI with partial-full scholly for a guy that wants to practice in idaho.

Not sure if you're still looking for an answer, but someone else already resurrected the thread. I say BYU hands down. I see almost no UW grads anywhere in Idaho and lots of BYU grads. To me, BYU vs. UI with even a full scholly is no contest. Say partial means half, so you're going to save something like $10-15k over three years to go to UI? You'll make that back in three months just by virtue of having a job coming out of BYU that you wouldn't have gotten out of UI.


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Re: Should I go to University of Idaho?

Postby HeavenWood » Mon Sep 12, 2011 4:57 pm

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