Where to go to work for the SEC?

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Where to go to work for the SEC?

Postby WouldBeSEC » Wed Sep 01, 2010 11:59 pm

Hey all -

I have been pursuing a career in finance, but, while it has been interesting and challenging, it is entirely dissatisfying on a level that has nothing to do with the pay check. For those of you who've been reading the news over the past couple years, it has become quite clear how significantly broken and behind-the-times the SEC is as a regulatory organization. Personally I'd love to take up arms to help re-construct its ability to effectively prosecute white collar crime. Any thoughts on which among the t6 schools is best for such a career path? Please elucidate on the reasons... whether it be specific professors, general support for public service or litigation, or some developed coursework in financial regulation.


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