BC vs Cardozo vs Emory (for int students/lawyers only)

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BC vs Cardozo vs Emory (for int students/lawyers only)

Postby yjj209 » Wed Jun 23, 2010 2:25 am

I am..
1) an international student with experience in equity research in an emerging market (in a local securities company)
2) currently covering chemical/energy sector as an RA/junior analyst.
3) graduated NYU with a 3.8 GPA in econ.
4) fluent in English, Korean and Chinese.

First question: I wonder what my shot at employment in the US legal market will be upon graduating law school (please don't ask why I'd want to work in the States over perhaps, Hong Kong or Shanghai). My goal is to pursue a career in corporate law (more specifically in energy or shipping sectors).. Note that I don't particularly have aspirations to work in a BigLaw, although it would be nice if I could. Also, note that we're looking three years ahead.

Second: Would a mid-sized law firm hire foreigners? (do they have the resources to go through the trouble of sponsoring a visa?)

Third: With the above info, which school would provide me with the highest chance of employment in the States, from the following list?

Notre Dame
(in at all the above with large $$$)


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Re: BC vs Cardozo vs Emory (for int students/lawyers only)

Postby Informative » Wed Jun 23, 2010 4:11 pm

BC followed by Notre Dame would probably provide the best employment prospects. Your language skills will come in handy in the large east coast markets (NYC, Boston, DC). California (LA and San Fran) does a lot with Japan and China as well. You should target schools that do well in these markets. For this reason, I think you should look heavy at those two schools. Cardozo and Emory aren't going to place as well in the larger markets, but are good schools nonetheless.

Congrats on the schollies.

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