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Re: University of Iowa or Wake Forest

Postby krj02004 » Wed Jun 09, 2010 11:29 pm

rad law wrote:
GenericUserName wrote:I would be paying sticker at both Iowa and Wake in my first year. I did receive scholarships of medium value, but they were to Penn State and the University of Cincinnati which do not carry the same academic prestige as the two schools I am currently looking at. With the scholarships, the education would be around 30,000 cheaper than Wake over the course of the 3 year career. I did not see the difference as enough of one to sway my decision

Actually, with the job at Iowa it becomes my most highly ranked and probably cheapest option. Working 10 hours a week during law school is a significant draw back though

You're talking a lot about rankings, which don't matter that much. Simple fact of the matter is that if you go to Iowa there's an overwhelming chance that you'll be working in Iowa, and the equivalent in NC for Wake. Surrounding states are also a possibility, but again, make sure you're okay with practicing in Iowa or NC.

I reiterate not going to Wake at sticker. I can't think of anyone who would tell you that Wake at sticker is a good idea, either.

I'm accepted at Iowa and did a lot of research, including talking ot alums. Most do NOT end up working in Iowa but in Chicago, Minneapolis, Kansas City and St. Louis.

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