In State nonT14 school or Out of State T14

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Re: In State nonT14 school or Out of State T14

Postby Hiei » Tue Jun 01, 2010 6:50 pm

The idea that going to Cornell will make it easier to get a job in LA than UCLA or USC is just an over obsession with the rankings. The prestige difference between Cornell and UCLA/USC isn't great enough for it to outweigh those schools alumni networks and high level of prestige in their home region. The whole top 14 being better than every other school has it's limits; ie Cornell is better than UCLA if you want to work in DC (and for the record Cornell isn't that strong in DC either) or NYC but if you want to work in Houston UT is a much better choice. Cornell isn't one of those top 14 schools that trumps all the ones outside of the top 14 in almost all cases like Columbia ( with those few cases being things like trying to work somewhere like Texas with no ties or as a result of scholarship money).

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