Ohio Law Schools. Any Ohians out there?!?!

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Re: Ohio Law Schools. Any Ohians out there?!?!

Postby kristinadyl1 » Mon May 31, 2010 5:28 pm

ok, lets put it this way. I work at SUBWAY. I make $8.50 an hour. Anything has got to be better than that!! lol! Even if I am not making a ton of money, I would like to at least be comfortable and not embarrassed. Thanks to the comments I have gotten on this website from all of you, I have decided to put off the LSAT until I have the time and money to study properly. If it takes me two years to get a score good enough to get into Ohio state or MI than I will do that. I wanted to be in a hurry because I'm ready to be a professional. I am going to try my luck at being a paralegal for a while after I graduate. I still think I can become a lawyer some day and get into a good law school eventually. I know I can do well on the LSAT I just don't have time to right now. So thank you for your help and honest opinions. I know some people frown on on-line school but some people see it as comming of age and good knowledge of computer skills. I guess it can go either way. If I have to try harder and be held to a higher standard, I will do just that.

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