Villanova (30k/yr scholly) v Maryland

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Villanova (30k/yr scholly) v Maryland

Maryland (sticker)
Villanova (30k/yr scholly)
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Villanova (30k/yr scholly) v Maryland

Postby aprescu » Sun May 09, 2010 6:43 pm

It is certainly coming down to the wire and I am having some difficulty deciding what path I should take as I narrow down my law school choices. While I remain on some waitlists I have been set on attending Villanova (offering a 30k/yr scholarship that has no gpa req). But Maryland has just accepted me and assuming that it would be something closer to sticker, I would appreciate any recommendations as to the better option.

In the past I was interested in health law and I know Maryland has an excellent program, but I'm not sure that makes so much sense now, especially since I would like to look at international law or ip. Personally, I am much more interested in a clerkship than Biglaw, but I am concerned about which school would give me the greatest opportunity to practice in either the VA-DC area or NY.

Also, although I've never lived in PA, I really love Philadelphia and I know that Villanova is in a pretty nice area. I am not so sure how I feel about living in Baltimore, but if my prospects in DC would be stronger, it might make sense to put comfort on the back-burner for three years. Is it worth the additional cost?

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Re: Villanova (30k/yr scholly) v Maryland

Postby DerrickRose » Sun May 09, 2010 6:45 pm

There is no set of circumstances under which Maryland is worth $90k more than Villanova.

Tell Maryland about your offer from Nova. I doubt you'll get much out of them but it never hurts to try.

If they don't come close to matching the scholarship, Nova all the way.

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