Hypothetical UF($) vs Emory vs UCLA

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Hypothetical Emory vs UF

UF(10k a year)
Emory absolutely
Emory (only if at least half of tuition paid)
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Hypothetical UF($) vs Emory vs UCLA

Postby bellsprout » Wed Apr 28, 2010 2:36 pm

Hello all.

My girlfriend is graduating from UF (47), and she has been accepted to UF law with 10k a year.
She has also been waitlisted from UCLA (16) and Emory (22), and if she gets in at all, will probably not be offered any money.

UF has some opportunities to make good Florida connections, and is insanely cheap for a law school, but she has mentioned that she would like to see a big city (Atlanta, Los Angeles) after being in Gainesville for the passed 4 years.

So my hypothetical question is: If she gets into Emory off the waitlist, but has not heard from UCLA, should she accept it at sticker price? If they offer her some money?

Her numbers were 165/3.8, so realistically she has a much better chance of getting off Emory WL than UCLA WL


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Re: Hypothetical UF($) vs Emory vs UCLA

Postby lawduder » Wed Apr 28, 2010 3:04 pm

If she's ok with working in Florida or even wants to work in Florida then that's probably the best choice. If she wants to work outside of Florida then yeah, Emory.

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