I have to make a choice in three days!

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Where to?

Michigan State
South Texas
St. Mary's
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I have to make a choice in three days!

Postby bqaggieboy09 » Mon Apr 26, 2010 12:54 pm

So I posted a poll a couple of weeks ago between MSU and St. Mary's and other options. I have been accepted to South Texas now (Don't know any scholly info, but without scholly it is the cheapest option outside of St. Mary's pitiful scholly) and the deadline for deposit at Michigan State is April 29th.

Michigan State did fly me up for admitted student weekend this past weekend and I did enjoy the school, the people, the faculty, and the deans, but I am 98% certain I will not practice in Michigan. I had stated earlier that I am not entirely sure will I will end up practicing in the long run, however my fiance is sure that she wants to get her PhD from Texas A&M University, and we will be married while she is doing this. Michigan State did seem to do well with employment and bar numbers (despite the economy) but most of their students do practice in Michigan, with maybe 20% of them leaving the state to go practice elsewhere. With the exception of Illinois (because of Chicago) every state had less than 10, most less than 5, of 2009 graduates job placing there.

I am visiting South Texas on Wednesday. South Texas is in Houston, and right in the middle of downtown. If there is any legal market that is not terrible right now, in fact may be doing well, it's Houston. Houston is a huge legal market which gives South Texas it's biggest selling point. It also does very well with it's litigation programs and trial advocacy, which is something I'm strongly considering, but not 100% sure on yet. Michigan State has more of a small town feel, but I know at least in some point in my career I need to have the ability to practice in Southeast Texas. I'm nervous about competing against UT-Austin, Houston, and some SMU grads for jobs in the area, but it's certainly better than trying from Michigan right? But I do have concerns about being able to leave Texas if I need to. Their website is at best incomplete, having some trouble with getting info on there.

I stated earlier that I visited St. Mary's and wasn't really impressed. I don't like San Antonio, and don't really want to practice there. But I'm leaving it as an option for now. They've offered me a $8,000 scholly, but only renewable as a top ten percent student, MSU has much better financial aid options.

I'm still waiting on Miami and UNC, I'm going to go to either if I get accepted, Miami is my top choice, and I'm supposed to have a decision by the 30th, but I'm still in the hold category.

If anyone has any words of wisdom, or knows anything personal about any of the schools, let me know!

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