Last minute NYU, Columbia, or Chicago poll?

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Should I go to Columbia$, NYU$$$, or Chicago$$$

Columbia (35k)
NYU (75k)
Chicago (60 or 75k, depending on negotiations)
Total votes: 56


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Last minute NYU, Columbia, or Chicago poll?

Postby pissantvache » Fri Apr 16, 2010 9:15 am

I know it's the umpteenth CLS/NYU/Chicago thread, but I have some extra considerations, I think:

1. Went to NYU for undergrad and really disliked it. Part of that was because I felt like a second class citizen to the other (more prestigious) programs, and part of it is due to my department being a little bit weird. On the other hand, reports from others I know who have gone to NYU law from NYU ugrad say that the law school is much better.

2. I liked CLS a lot, prefer MH area of nyc to downtown, but part of that could be the ASW smoke and mirrors. I was reasonably pleased with NYUs ASW, and I liked chicago's as well. So that's unhelpful.

3. Want NYC biglaw, but also like the idea of clerking

4. Am thinking of a JD/MBA as well--so CLS' new 3-year option could be good. Similarly, Booth is really well-regarded

5. I have a significant other in NYC who has never gone to Chicago, so we're worried about finding her a job.

Lastly, I need to decide by Monday. Extension request denied.

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Re: Last minute NYU, Columbia, or Chicago poll?

Postby lsathalon » Fri Apr 16, 2010 9:20 am

You don't like NYU, so you shouldn't go there. You aren't in love with Chicago, you want NY biglaw eventually, and your significant other is probably not thrilled to move to a place where she might not find a job. Columbia seems like the most logical choice, given your preference set.

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Re: Last minute NYU, Columbia, or Chicago poll?

Postby CG614 » Fri Apr 16, 2010 9:29 am

NYU undergrad and NYU law are separate animals. As someone struggling with the NYU/CLS decision, I'd choose NYU if they were to give me 40k more than CLS. Just my opinion though.

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Re: Last minute NYU, Columbia, or Chicago poll?

Postby chris0805 » Fri Apr 16, 2010 2:20 pm

Your debt payments are going to be ~24K a year at CLS or ~19K a year at NYU (rough estimates). That's like making your biglaw job 155K instead of 160K (and if you change your mind and choose PI/Gov't then these numbers are REALLY irrelevant, but UoC should be out).

You seem to lean CLS, and I tend to think the school you like better tends to be worth it for less than half-tuition differences, but that's just me. Ask yourself if your preference is worth ~5K a year. If it's not, then go with the money.

Personally, I wouldn't go to Chicago. I think uprooting a significant other (especially in this economy) like that when you could have such great options in the city seems completely unnecessary. Also, the JD/MBA throws in a twist. If you have to pay an extra 5K a year, BUT you get an MBA out of it, that definitely changes the equation to some extent.

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