Help me pick... Specifically Chicago

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Help me pick... Specifically Chicago

Postby jd- » Tue Apr 13, 2010 11:37 pm


I currently work in IT but want to switch to the field of Law... it was my original interest anyhow and I have worked in 2 law firms, aunt works for the Florida Bar... so I know what I am getting into.

A little background, I am 29 so not a typical student, and would probably be starting when I am 31... I turn 30 soon.

I have done a good deal of foreign NFP work and enough volunteer work to fill most peoples entire resumes.

Now that being said, I only want to practice in Chicago.

I have narrowed it down to the following, and also based on cities I could find tolerable that have good placements in either.

top choices
1.uchicago (chi) 5
2.northwestern (chi)11
3.columbia (nyc) 4
4.nyu (nyc) 6
5.penn (phi)7
6.georgetown (dc) 14

backups u 22
2.fordham 30
3.loyola (chi) 78
4.kent (chi) 80
5.depaul (chi) 98

Am I missing anything? Is it worth applying to this many schools?

Anything else I should consider?
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Re: Help me pick... Specifically NYC/Chicago

Postby BenJ » Tue Apr 13, 2010 11:41 pm

What was your undergrad GPA? Without having an LSAT score, we can't predict your admissions cycle very well (and therefore can't say what schools to apply to, since it's very unlikely that you should apply to both CCN and Loyola/DePaul/Brooklyn), but if we have your undergrad GPA, we can at least rule some out.

That is, if your undergrad GPA is a 3.8+, don't bother with the bottom three. If your undergrad GPA is a 2.99-, don't bother with CCN. Yes, it matters even for someone long out of undergrad (albeit less).


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Re: Help me pick... Specifically NYC/Chicago

Postby AppsAbound » Tue Apr 13, 2010 11:53 pm

Everyone will tell you that you need to be more detailed as to your long term career aspirations and your stats (GPA+ LSAT)

But as an idea, its a good start. Throw a wide net for sure. I applied to all of those schools, except Penn, Brooklyn, and Yeshiva. In at all of them, except for a WL at G-town. Just make sure that your safeties are places you would actually attend. I realized after being accepted that I was unwilling to attend some of the schools I had applied to. Just keep that in mind, bc you will never know how your cycle will turn out.

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Re: Help me pick... Specifically NYC/Chicago

Postby FlightoftheEarls » Wed Apr 14, 2010 12:01 am

Do you have a particular dislike for UM, or have you just not looked into it yet?

For the record, from 2007-2009 we placed 272 into NYC and 167 into Chicago. Those are our two largest-placing markets - something to consider.


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Re: Help me pick... Specifically NYC/Chicago

Postby jd- » Wed Apr 14, 2010 12:28 am

Yeah UM is one I could put up with as it is a T14, I mean that in all respect, I was just researching it actually, I just don't really like the college town atmosphere after living in Chicago, Paris and a brief stint in SF (but not much of a fan) wouldn't want to practice in California or go to school there. ...I'm a bit of an urbanite. I should add UM to my list though.

I haven't taken the LSAT yet, I had a 3.65 and a 4.0 my last 2 years... but that was in 2003. I have hopes of a high score on the LSAT, but doesn't everybody?

The reason I have picks as I do is I have heard that the local market grads have better pickings over other non t14 tier 1 schools outside the respective cities. My gf would also be coming with me and she will need to be some place that has decent job prospects as well.

I am more questioning whether my thought process in my school array, given legal market locations and law school locations is logical. I could be well off my mark, so please excuse me if so. I know, a lot of variables to consider, thus my (perhaps odd to some) choices. But maybe perfectly picked to somebody in my situation...

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