Wash U $$ v. U of A $$$ v. . . . . . .Georgia State???

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Wash U $$ v. U of A $$$ v. . . . . . .Georgia State???

Postby NWP » Tue Apr 13, 2010 4:16 pm

So this is my very first time posting on this site but I really need some advice so here it is:

I am very interested in practicing health law because of my background (ATL or FL). I've got a full ride and book stipend to U of A, Wash U (38/43), and no scholly from GSU so far. Now, some might think I'm crazy for wavering between Wash U and GSU, but like I said, I really want to go to a school that is strong in health law. I was waitlisted at U of VA and no scholly from U of M). How important is ranking over a school that has the program I want and is located where I would like to live? Scholaships are very important to me b/c of previous grad school loans. . . . . . . .HELP!!!


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Re: Wash U $$ v. U of A $$$ v. . . . . . .Georgia State???

Postby scuzle » Wed Apr 14, 2010 3:36 am

In all honesty I feel that if there is a program geared toward your profession, while comparing schools in the top 100, then the difference would not be that big, considering the scholarship money, and the faculty in that program will help you make connections when considering post graduate pursuits. However, If you are offered money at a school in the top 100, you do very well there, take some classes there that are geared toward what you would like to practice then I feel like you would be advised to take that compared with a non top 100 school. From all the things I have been reading, and the people I have talked with, there are huge job placement drop offs between the top 50, to the top 100 then a huge disparity when you look at tier 3 and tier 4 schools. My advice would be to take the money from those mid level 100 schools and just apply yourself! If you graduate top 5 to 10 percent there you will have a very good chance of being placed in a well payed job in the profession you desire, especially if your externships and internships are in firms which are geared toward your desired practice. I hope this helps. Im in the same boat except I have huge scholarship offers from 2 tier 3 schools and am waitlisted at 5 schools in the top 100 (USF, SCU, SAINT LOUIS, AMERICAN, GONZAGA). GOOD LUCK!!!!! You could also email professors at the schools who offer courses in your area of law, if they have them, they are generally pretty forthright with there comments!

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