BU($$) vs Fordham($) vs Cornell (sticker).

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BU($$) vs Fordham($) vs Cornell (sticker).

Postby john158 » Tue Apr 13, 2010 2:01 pm

Kind of new to TLS.

Right now, I'm trying to decide between BU and Fordham. Still waiting to hear back from Cornell. I'm willing to work in either NYC or Boston, but I prefer NYC (I'm living in an outer-borough already). I want to try BigLaw, and I'm hoping the legal market will recover by the time I graduate (2013). However, I'm leaving my options open, and apparently BU places well into government positions and other non-BigLaw jobs. I'm really not sure about Fordham's placement outside of biglaw (and only in NYC), so anyone with insight, please share.

BU gave me 20k a year, whereas Fordham only gave me 10k a year. BU's tuition is something like 39-40k a year while Fordham is around 44k. Thing is, if I go to Fordham, my cost of living will be pretty cheap since I'll probably live at home. Kind of a tough call for me.

If Cornell does accept me, I'm pretty sure it will be at full sticker. Is Cornell worth the price given that I prefer NYC and want BigLaw?

There's also the possibility that I may just wait another cycle and up my LSAT score (167), which I think is very possible.


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Re: BU($$) vs Fordham($) vs Cornell (sticker).

Postby sanibel1376 » Thu May 27, 2010 11:36 am

Hello....I have a similar decision to make as you... Cornell (Sticker) vs Fordham (10k per yr)... but I would be commuting from home and saving approx. 10k per yr as well....I am pretty sure I will not be receiving any financial aid too...

I want to go into corporate law and work in nyc...will the long term benefits of Cornell outweigh the added costs?

did you make your final decision? Did you hear back from Cornell? I am leaning towards Cornell, but its a tough choice, esp since I just found out that I was accepted to Cornell yesterday and have been set on Fordham for the past month.

Any advice???


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