Rutgers-Camden ($$$) v. UConn ($$$)

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Which one?

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Rutgers-Camden ($$$) v. UConn ($$$)

Postby arundodonax » Tue Apr 13, 2010 9:24 am

I can't believe I'm actually posting one of these. Looking to choose my backup option. Money is almost equal, and fairly cheap. Rutgers carries a significant (3.5) GPA requirement, whereas UConn is grant money. Please don't vote if you are just looking at rankings.

Rutgers Camden:
-Not a great area, but I am from here and could live at home if I need to (though I don't want to)
-Philly is a great city
-Good Philly employment options, few elsewhere
-I am concerned with the state's recent education budget cuts, and potential tuition increases, faculty cuts, etc.

-Nice campus, but Hartford seems pretty mediocre
-Probably a better education
-Better placement over a larger swath of New England/Mid-Atlantic, but likely harder to get a job back in the Philly market
-A majority of students get their first jobs in-state, and I'm not sure I want to end up in CT

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Re: Rutgers-Camden ($$$) v. UConn ($$$)

Postby Aberzombie1892 » Tue Apr 13, 2010 9:30 am

U Conn.


arundodonax wrote:Rutgers carries a significant (3.5) GPA requirement, whereas UConn is grant money.

That should be /thread unless I missed something.

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