NYC SCHOOLS - Pace Rutgers-N, Seton Hall, Hofstra, Quin more

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NYC SCHOOLS - Pace Rutgers-N, Seton Hall, Hofstra, Quin more

Postby engleisle » Mon Apr 12, 2010 8:14 pm

So as everyone knows the deadlines are approaching. I was just curious what input you guys had about these NYC area schools... my goal is to practice in NYC or NJ 'biglaw' or simply big money. What school do you think is going to give me the best opportunities for the money. And I do qualify for instate break at Rutgers. And from some of the acceptances I got I'll get some money at most of these ... as of yet the differences aren't much... still waiting to here. Also I'm considering the JD/MBA or maybe just a concentration in patent law dont know if that'll effect your opinions.

Seton Hall

Rutgers Newark




Lastly I also applied to

Columbia NYU and Fordham ... These are more of a long shot ... well Fordham I'm in the range but NYU and Columbia are just wishful... but I was wondering if I got into one of these schools with no money do you think the prestige and ability to land jobs these schools offers outweighs the costs.

Thanks !

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