UMN (30K) vs. USD (37K)

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UMN (30K) vs. USD (37K)

Postby bloominonion » Mon Apr 12, 2010 6:45 pm

With USD's seat deposit due this Thursday the clock is ticking for me on making a decision between San Diego ($37k) and University of Minnesota ($30k). I visited Minnesota and liked what I saw, but I was not completely blown away. While I lived in Minnesota from when i was 6 to 12 and liked it, comparing snow days as a kid to living/studying/working as an adult is impossible. I know I would be happy in San Diego, having lived in So-Cal since moving from Minnesota, but I feel like the opportunities after graduating from USD would be much more limited than those afforded by UMN. Not knowing which direction I want to go in Legal employment throws an additional monkey wrench in my decision making process, but I am definitely not in the Big Law or bust mold. I am leaning a bit towards labor law which makes UMN, the new home of the ABA Journal of Labor & Employment Law, an even more enticing opportunity.

So I am wondering if better perceived opportunities (umn) outweighs attending a more regional school in a region I know I would be happy working and living in long term (usd). I know there are a lot of moving parts here, but any input from the TLS community would be greatly appreciated!

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