need tls wisdom with 30 hrs

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need tls wisdom with 30 hrs

Postby howie » Thu Apr 08, 2010 3:30 pm

Okay I got it boiled down to:
Option A: Catholic
PROS: Location, Communications institute, as well as other institutes and clinics, proximity to appalachian moutains, the bay and the ocean and i feel like the women in DC are little better looking

CONS: scholarship required to remain in top 25% (heard rumors they stack however i called in and they said that is ridiculous), I will probably being paying 2500-4000 more to live in DC

Option 1: Drexel
PROS: Co-op program, i like the excitement of going to a new law school, good vibes and the admin seemed to be very nice/helpful, cant help to think that the school will jump through hurdles to help you get a job to improve statistics. Also they got me shitfaced drunk on ASD (then again any school willing to pick up my bar tab might not be the smartest)

CONS: no alumni base, not keen on Philly, worried about job prospects,

basically I feel as if there are two schools of thought, if I am thinking ecomically go to Drexel, but if i am thinking big picture in terms of where i want live/work then catholic. Also keep in mind if i keep my scholarship at Catholic tuition is comparable


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Re: need tls wisdom with 30 hrs

Postby dakatz » Thu Apr 08, 2010 3:32 pm

Top 25% is a really tough requirement. In this situation, I would go with Drexel.

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