USD (15k/yr) v Loyola (28k/yr)

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Which school should I choose?

USD ($45k scholarship)
Loyola ($84k scholarship)
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USD (15k/yr) v Loyola (28k/yr)

Postby boardride23 » Tue Apr 06, 2010 2:12 pm

Hey TLS'ers! I'd appreciate your help on this one...

What was most important to me upon applying was being in CA (where I've lived my whole life and want to continue to do). In deciding between these two schools I want to set myself with the best employment outlook out of college (with debt in mind). I have a strong passion for the sports and entertainment industry which was the main reason I applied to Loyola given their strong Sports and Entertainment Law Program. However, with that said I am very undecided on the type of law I want to practice and may change my mind which leads me to believe that the top ranked school (USD) would be best.

The other deciding factor for me is location... long term I do not wish to work in the heart of LA. I would much rather work in San Diego, the surrounding So Cal region, or Northern California...

The last concern is the risk of not staying in the top % of my class... Loyola stipulates a top 30% where as USD stipulates a top 50% (though from what I hear USD is more competitive... making top 50% at USD no less difficult than top 30% at Loyola).

Thank you in advance to everyone for your help and advice, it truly means alot to me and my future! Any written response as to why you chose what you did would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: USD (15k/yr) v Loyola (28k/yr)

Postby NayBoer » Tue Apr 06, 2010 3:49 pm

- easier to hold scholarship (50% is still a crummy prereq)
- better school in its market (LLS loses to UCLA/USC)
- you don't want LA, but do want SD (most important factor)

Also, watch out for sports and entertainment law. It's going to be competitive in any market because it sounds so much less boring than any other type of law except intergalactic human rights.

Related anecdote: I used to work with a guy who had a JD/LLM from USD in tax. (USD has a good tax reputation in CA) He now works for a big-deal sports agency, doing like estate planning or something tax-related for their athletes. Helps that he's bilingual and part-Hispanic.

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