Case v. Catholic v. UConn v. Villanova

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Where should I be leaning toward?!

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Case v. Catholic v. UConn v. Villanova

Postby mixitup » Sun Apr 04, 2010 1:00 pm

Case (15K), Catholic (8K), UConn and Nova JUST got in, so based on the late acceptance (i applied quite late) I (a) dont know if i got anything and (b) probably didn't.

UConn and Villanova were my top choices going in, but I've also never visited either of them. I'm trying to figure out how to get up there (I'm finishing up my undergrad in north carolina, so its kinda tough to find the time money to get to philly AND hartford in less than 2 weeks). If anyone has any words of advice/helpful info they would be MUCH appreciated.

My family just moved to Cleveland like 2 years ago, so while technically I have family ties there now, I have no real attachment to the city. In fact, currently the location is the main thing working against Cleveland...I definitely don't want to end up there. I LOVE DC and always have, but my previous interest in UConn and Nova when they came to visit my college and I spoke to them, is making me have a hard time committing to Catholic right away even though it is in DC. I'm most interested in public sector work/governmental work which is again why DC looks appealing. I just really liked UConn and Nova's programs...

Thoughts? Info on ANY of the schools? Thanks!

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Re: Case v. Catholic v. UConn v. Villanova

Postby jlnoa0915 » Sun Apr 04, 2010 1:30 pm

My opinion as an uneducated 0L: Catholic although is in DC, it is well overshadowed by every university in the DC area as well as the T14, schools from Virginia ect. Aside from their basilica I didn't like the campus very much (went there for my ex's sister's graduation from undergrad). Villanova is solid in PA/NJ/DE/MD and from what I've been told does place well(considering) in DC and NY if you have the grades. I would also relate its campus to a step down from UNC(got the same kind of vibe from both campuses though UNC's weather would be considerably nicer), its very nice, the area/campus are beautiful, old mansion-esque houses everywhere. Don't know much about UConn or Case so can't help you there.

That said, would I pay sticker for any law school, probably not, but thats me and I don't know your financial situation. I would email Nova and UConn to see if they can help you out at all. Also keep in mind this is a long term investment in your education and if there is a significant difference in educational quality it might be worth the extra $.


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Re: Case v. Catholic v. UConn v. Villanova

Postby snowpeach06 » Sun Apr 04, 2010 3:21 pm

I have the same worry as you. No desire to wind up in Cleveland. Do want to be in NY and DC. One of the things that made me start considering Case even though I hate Cleveland is that they actually can, and likely will get you a job elsewhere. About half the kids leave the state, and the top places of employment are Cleveland, DC, NY, LA. Still, the other locations are better for while your in school. I really do have a similar decision to make.

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Re: Case v. Catholic v. UConn v. Villanova

Postby NayBoer » Sun Apr 04, 2010 4:18 pm

Not Case if you don't want Cleveland. Catholic is really overshadowed in DC (UVA, GULC, GWU, AU, GMU, UMD). UConn is probably a little strangled outside CT. I guess Villanova for Philly/PA. It depends where you want to practice.

Villanova somewhat higher in the latest NLJ ranking than the other three, but still only 39th. ... page12.pdf

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Re: Case v. Catholic v. UConn v. Villanova

Postby mixitup » Sun Apr 04, 2010 6:12 pm

Thanks everyone for all your help thus far. The "overshadowing" of Catholic by other DC schools is a good point. I do see myself practicing there, however, (though its not the ONLY place i will practice, obviously, its been at the top of my "where do I want to end up" list since like 6th grade, haha) so I wonder if going to UConn, for instance, wouldn't put me in as good of a place location-wise. Or would somewhere outside of DC be better than Catholic because it is so overshadowed.

And I feel your pain, snowpeach06. That's a good point about Case, too. It was hard though because when I visited they were on spring break so I didn't get a really good feel for the school itself. Good luck on your decision!

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Re: Case v. Catholic v. UConn v. Villanova

Postby charlesjd » Sun Apr 04, 2010 6:25 pm

Case places in these cities from most - least:

1. Cleveland, OH
2. New York, NY
3. Washington, DC
4. Chicago, IL
5. Los Angeles, CA

They place approx. 55% out of state (Case Western CSO Website).

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Re: Case v. Catholic v. UConn v. Villanova

Postby howie » Sun Apr 04, 2010 10:16 pm

i am as well making a similar decision to you, however, I do not have a strong interest in public interest law. I am looking at Catholic($) and nova. I do not really want to practice in DC, and like you really would like to pursue in a career in DC. I feel that some people, although they make a good point about Catholic being overshadowed, are jumping to conclusions just based on rankings. It is my understanding, that Catholic has a strong alumni base in DC, and from looking at their employment statistics it looks good (93% 9 mos from graduation, and 121,000 median for private sector)
i am also a firm believer in "where theres a will there is a way," sure the road to your dream job maybe a little more difficult from catholic but i can be done, you just got to be willing to network and take a proactive approach to building your resume. Do not let the TLS negativity about lower ranked t2 schools discourage you

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Re: Case v. Catholic v. UConn v. Villanova

Postby Scarletlady » Sun Apr 04, 2010 10:48 pm

If you see yourself drawn to public interest and government work, DC is probably the best place for you. Case may place well in DC but living here allows you opportunities and access you just can't get anywhere else. I am also biased because I've lived in DC for 3 years and love it.

As far as ranking differentials, consider me a TLS traitor. I'm willingly going to a lower ranked school (T2 over T1) because some things just can't be captured in a USNWR or other mathematical formula. Our entire lives we are taught to use logic and reasoning, but if you are going to spend a significant amount of time and resources on school it needs to feel right for you. Advice helps, but somethings I think you just know.

I encourage you to reach out to Nova and UConn regarding possible scholly money because you never know if you don't ask. In the end, I think you will figure out what is right for you. Good luck in your decision!

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Re: Case v. Catholic v. UConn v. Villanova

Postby mixitup » Sun Apr 04, 2010 11:00 pm

Yeah, I'm trying not to get caught up in rank. At this point, my pre-law advisor continues to tell me that at the slate of schools I have in front of me, job placement/school quality is quite really is up to me to do well once I get to wherever I end up choosing...

So, I need to start weighing the other stuff: location, $, and pure gut feeling of where I belong. Its a tough choice though...hopefully i'll get a change to visit Nova and UConn before April 15th. I wish we had more time! Guess that's what I get for applying so late...

Thanks everyone!

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Re: Case v. Catholic v. UConn v. Villanova

Postby 84Sunbird2000 » Sun Apr 04, 2010 11:54 pm

If the OP wants to end up in DC, I don't get why UConn at OOS sticker is #1. I picked Case because (as others have said) they are NOT that regional, and do really well in both NYC and DC. In the up economy they were 60-70% Out of Ohio placement, and they have a very large alumni base in both DC. The school in DC and the school with better DC placement are tied for last? UConn is very regional (much more than Case or even Nova), and they have negligible DC placement compared to Catholic and Case. Nova does fairly well in DC, but no better than the other two, and it's offered at sticker.

I don't want to be strident, but I think Case is a no-brainer - they have above-average lawyer rep for their rank (i.e. name recognition), place exceedingly well into Government and PI (their pie charts back it up), have a very good DC base, and are offering you the most money. Plus, you'll save even more in Cleveland, as it is much cheaper to live there than at any of the other schools.

I'm unreasonably biased against Catholic, but I'd put Nova and Catholic tied for 2nd, and UConn 4th. UConn is a great school with a very nice campus, but I don't think it's the right place given your goals and region of interest.

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Re: Case v. Catholic v. UConn v. Villanova

Postby mixitup » Wed Apr 07, 2010 4:49 pm

My major hang-up with Case is that it is in Cleveland, which I am not a huge fan of + my parents live there and as someone just out of undergrad I'm not ready to jump back into the lack of independence that that brings at my age.

For those of you who voted UConn over the others, can I ask why specifically? Let me know. Thanks again for all your help!

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