Money involved, W&L vs WUSTL vs IUB vs WLs

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Which one?

Poll ended at Wed May 12, 2010 11:41 pm

WUSTL (with large maj. tuition)
W&L (almost all tuition)
IUB (all tuition)
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Money involved, W&L vs WUSTL vs IUB vs WLs

Postby wilma thompson » Sun Mar 28, 2010 11:41 pm

I have generous scholarship offers from WUSTL (large majority of tuition), W&L (almost all), and IUB (full). I received a moderate scholarship for ND. I am waitlisted (and frustrated) or waiting response from T14s, including: UVA, Duke, NYU, UofC and Penn. I was rejected from Michigan and GULC and thus I do not anticipate much success from the others previously mentioned (and certainly no money).

My considerations:

I want to teach eventually, but those dreams are certainly becoming more limited with my options. I am very open to changing directions while in LS and cannot predict any specific field.

My spouse requires access to a hospital for their career, thus more hospitals within reasonable driving distance is a big plus. W&L is limited here.

I have family in both StL and Indiana.

I think that I would prefer to live on the northern east coast but that is not a definite. Having mobility with my degree would be useful.

I like StL (besides being so landlocked) but I don’t like the WUSTL campus. I loved W&L when visiting for UG but it could be easier to love for a day than three years. I hope to someday live in a remote area like this (in later career or retirement). Bloomington is a very pleasant place and I enjoy its size. I have no desire to live in Indianapolis but Chicago would be okay.

SO: W&L could be my best option for teaching, but it is ranked much lower and WUSTL has been improving. IUB would be by far the least costly. I could get accepted to a T14 from waitlist but I would then have to pay full price. Please mention if you’d do this in my situation (even though it is a vague option), or just stick with my great scholarship options.

Go! (and, Thank you!)

PS, I feel like a splitter in my success so far with apps. I either get a scholarship or WLed, with little in-between for 14 schools...

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