UIUC $$$$/WUSTL $$ + Scholarship Negotiation!

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UIUC $$$$/WUSTL $$ + Scholarship Negotiation!

Postby Ferociousaurus » Sun Mar 28, 2010 1:42 am

I have a full ride to UIUC and $23k a year at WUSTL. Right now I'm negotiating with Washington to bump up my scholarship or even match UIUC's offer. They've definitely shown some interest without committing to anything until a week or two into April. Here's the thing. I really want to go to Washington. Big time. I grew up in Western Kentucky and I've always loved St. Louis. Unlike most people 'round these parts, I sort of think it would be awesome to live there, even after school. Plus the campus is the bomb, and I had a really good experience at the admitted students day on Friday. Here's my question: I'm willing to go into a little/maybe a lot more debt to go to Washington over UIUC. How much more money should I hope for in my negotiations to make it worth it? Or am I just being silly, and should just take a full ride or bust?


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Re: UIUC $$$$/WUSTL $$ + Scholarship Negotiation!

Postby Emboss » Sun Mar 28, 2010 2:21 am

I was in your situation and got Wustl to bump my scholarship up a bit, but not much. I leveraged a full-ride at UIUC to get 75% tuition at Wustl. Even when I was only getting 22k per year, I had your same experience at admitted students day. The school is just phenomenal. The admitted students day really blew away all of my insecurities about attending Wustl. I say just do what you want and go. You'll be fine by the time you're a 3L. UIUC is an awesome school, though, too. Dean Pless made it a tough choice.


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Re: UIUC $$$$/WUSTL $$ + Scholarship Negotiation!

Postby Rovias » Sun Mar 28, 2010 2:33 am

I am not quite in the same boat (congrats and two awesome offers) but Illinois basically made me the offer I can't refuse. WashU said a week or two after April 1st they might know something about increasing scholarships but UIUC (instate for me) is almost too cheap to pass up. I would probably pay more to go WashU because I really like the school, but Dean Pless is a good guy who seems to give some personal attention to admissions that WashU lacks. (at least in my case) Best of luck to you! Two good choices can't go wrong with either of them.

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