Case vs GMU vs hoping & praying

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Case vs GMU vs hoping & praying

Postby vijemi » Wed Mar 24, 2010 5:21 pm

Hi I was wondering what you all think about my situation...

So far I've been accepted to Case Western ($20k/yr 3.15+ GPA to maintain) and George Mason (No $ yet but supposedly scholarship packets come in early April from what I was told). I've been WL'd at Florida and I'm still waiting on a few schools (Arizona State, San Diego, Loyola, UC Davis).

I'm from Los Angeles been here my whole life I don't mind going away for a few years to go to school and all but ideally I'd like to stay either west coast or warm weather when all is said and done. I know Law School is fairly regional so my acceptances of Case & GM aren't really addressing my preferences but its what I have.

My GPA was very weak ~2.8 with a 165 LSAT so I think I've been very fortunate to get into Case & GMU. There is a good chance I'll get rejected from all 4 of the other schools I'm waiting on so my question is If I have these 2 offers which would you guys go for? I'm guessing that should I get into ASU, USD, or UCDavis I should definitely attend those, Loyola I'm not so sure because I actually would prefer not to stay in L.A. for my schooling.

Any input is appreciated, thanks in advance.

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