Tulane (at sticker) vs. UT-Knoxville (in-state)

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Tulane (at sticker) vs. UT-Knoxville (in-state)

Tulane (sticker)
UT-Knoxville (in-state)
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Tulane (at sticker) vs. UT-Knoxville (in-state)

Postby cgshepherd » Tue Mar 23, 2010 11:14 am

I know that it depends on where I want to live, but I have lived in both New Orleans and Knoxville and like both (maybe NOLA a little more). I also like Nashville, Charlotte, Houston, Dallas, Birmingham, Mobile, and Jacksonville as well. I have visited both schools, and I liked Tulane better but I am worried about the debt (my parents are helping some). I could graduate from UT with little to no debt. Basically my dillema is that I honestly do not know where I want to live, but I have always lived in the south.

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