Northeastern$ vs Loyola Chicago$ vs Penn State

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Northeastern$ vs Loyola Chicago$ vs Penn State

Postby Jane34 » Fri Mar 19, 2010 9:14 pm

I want to end up living and working in NYC. I've been waitlisted at a few schools there (Cardozo, Brooklyn), but as of right now my prospects are Northeastern, Loyola U Chicago, and Penn State. Any thoughts on the differences between these schools? Employment prospects, programs, student life, etc.

Northeastern's co-op program really appeals to me.

Penn State is ranked higher, but does that really matter at this point? Especially considering that I don't want to stay in Pennsylvania....

Penn State's location does not really appeal to me at all. I am looking for a big city so geographically Northeastern and Loyola appeal more to me.

I got decent money from both Norteastern and Loyola; nothing from Penn State.

Any thoughts?

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