Arizona v. CU Boulder

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Arizona v. CU Boulder

Postby memphisC » Fri Mar 19, 2010 6:13 pm

Have been accepted to Arizona, CU Boulder, and USD but the decision is pretty much between AZ and CU. No scholarships from AZ or CU yet but am using an offer from USD to try and get some money from both. I would get in-state at AZ but would be able to get it at CU after first year. I have been in Tucson for the last 8 years (4 years undergrad, 1 year internship, 3 years for masters). I am ready for a change in scenery and climate. I visited Boulder for the law school open house and loved the town and the law school, but I am concerned that CU's ranking (and reputation) have been slipping recently. I know both schools are essentially regional (highly regarding in their respective states but not much outside of that) but I am concerned that AZ has a better reputation overall and that attending CU will close doors that would have been open if I had gone to AZ. Am I overthinking this and I should just go where I think I'd be happiest? Is the decision pretty much between whether I'd rather work in Denver or Phoenix after law school? Any feedback would be much appreciated.


And for all you numbers junkies out there: 3.6, 163, good softs. Rejected at UCLA and GW. Accepted at AZ, UC Boulder, and USD. No response from USC yet (anybody know what's going on with them this cycle?).

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Re: Arizona v. CU Boulder

Postby Jerome » Fri Mar 19, 2010 6:49 pm

CU's rank may be slipping lately, but there is nothing to suggest that it wont rebound. Further, reputation, despite a small drop in ranking, means a lot. CU places exceptionally well in CO (I work at a firm in CO whose partners prefer to hire CU grads over almost any other, including some T20s).

Of course, a lot of your decision will depend on where you want to practice, and if there are any specific programs at either school that really catch your interest. If you think you might want to live and work in Denver, give CU a shot.

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Re: Arizona v. CU Boulder

Postby Puffy » Fri Mar 19, 2010 6:52 pm

Based on three random responses in a venting thread I can say USC has not been quick to get back to some of its applicants. I haven't heard back from them after I went complete early November.

Oh and Colorado, because Arizona is for old people.

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