Advice appreciated!

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Advice appreciated!

Postby jbaldri3 » Thu Mar 18, 2010 2:18 am

I’m more confused than ever on where to choose. I’m still considering:

Arizona State University
University of Cincinnati
Loyola (LA)
University of Kentucky
University of Oklahoma

I have received scholarships from ASU, UK, and OU that drop tuition to resident rates. Cincy gave me three thousand (that, plus their special rates for those who choose to live across the river in Kentucky, make it the cheapest—though not by much). Loyola gave me $22,000 per year, but I’m not sure of the requirements.

I’m from southern Illinois, so Cincinnati and Kentucky are very (perhaps too) close to my hometown. I love LA, but don’t know if I’m okay with the extra debt that comes along with it. ASU is tempting, but I’m unsure how their economy will affect tuition rates and the job market. I visited OU and really liked it, but don’t know if I really want to choose it over higher-ranked, cheaper UK or UC.

I have no idea where I want to end up—definitely am not tied to Illinois or the Midwest. Also, I don’t know what kind of law I want to practice. I’m not set on biglaw—or anything, really. Perhaps I’m thinking too much, but I literally cannot make up my mind.

Any advice at all would be appreciated!


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Re: Advice appreciated!

Postby tdogg » Thu Mar 18, 2010 2:53 am

The answer to that really depends on where you want to end up. All of them are regional schools, so your immediate career opportunities will be close to whatever school you go to. The scholarship money certainly helps, but what is 5-10k per year difference for 3 years in the long run? Not much. ASU grads average almost 100k first year out, so it that is better than can potentially make up the extra cost in one year of working. Every year after tha is gravy. So, I would worry more about were you want to be long term, and less about money now if I was you.

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