WUSTL (24K/year) v. UIUC (full-ride) v. Indiana (full-ride)

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WUSTL (24K/year) v. UIUC (full-ride) v. Indiana (full-ride)

Postby MBZags » Wed Mar 10, 2010 7:12 pm

Honestly, is there any reason for me to consider WUSTL at this point considering the offers from UIUC and Indiana? I would ask WUSTL to match my scholarships from the other two schools, but I really don't think they'd pile on an extra $20Kish for me. Or would they?

If there's no compelling reason for me to consider WUSTL, what about UIUC and Indiana? I'd like to practice in the Midwest and stay relatively close to my family. I'm not positive I want to do biglaw, but it's definitely a consideration. I've read all the statistics and know about Indiana getting outplaced by much lower-ranked schools. On the other hand, I'm slightly worried about UIUC, given the admissions scandal from last year. So I guess I'm looking for more anecdotal reasons for each school.

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Re: WUSTL (24K/year) v. UIUC (full-ride) v. Indiana (full-ride)

Postby im_blue » Wed Mar 10, 2010 7:18 pm

I would choose UIUC since you'd like to stay in the Midwest. WUSTL offers a bit more portability to the East Coast, and has a backup market in STL if you can't get Chicago, but that's about it for compelling reasons over UIUC. Indiana doesn't really have much of an argument.

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Re: WUSTL (24K/year) v. UIUC (full-ride) v. Indiana (full-ride)

Postby 84Sunbird2000 » Wed Mar 10, 2010 8:24 pm

I would probably lean towards UIUC myself. Indiana appears to be (at least by consensus) overrated, even though I like them. That being said, WUSTL is overrated too. WUSTL places better into Chicago than IU-B, but Indianapolis is as good of a fall-back market at St. Louis.

So, despite the fact that I feel a certain antipathy towards UIUC for waitlisting me, I'd say go to Champaign. If not, maybe I'll see you in Bloomington.

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