Student culture at NYU vs. Georgetown

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Student culture at NYU vs. Georgetown

Postby wackadoodle » Wed Jan 27, 2010 12:51 pm

I'm looking at both NYU and Georgetown and was wondering if anybody had knowledge of the class culture at each of these schools? By this I mean how competitive are the students, how helpful are students to each other, are people incredibly cutthroat about class rank, etc. I want to go to a school where students are motivated but not malicious or hyper-competitive to the point where it impacts my experience.

Any insight into the student bodies at either of these schools would be appreciated. -Also I would be focusing somewhere in the realm of public interest, education, juvenile justice, policy, etc- not sure if this would make a difference in terms of my above question.

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Re: Student culture at NYU vs. Georgetown

Postby Sobriquet » Sat Jan 30, 2010 1:16 pm

NYU is laid-back. The students are generally not very competitive (nobody talks about grades), and w/ the exception of the month or so before finals, everyone goes out about as much as they study. It's a fun place to be. In fact, I can say that there is not really identifiable "gunner" in my section and I've heard the same from people in other sections.

NYU is also really public interest (PI)-focused. Granted like 70% of the student do eventually go on to firm jobs (probably to pay off debt), a lot of 1Ls come from non-profit, gov't background and are interested in PI, whether they will eventually go to a firm or not. There are a ton of PI events and the PI office is really helpful. Every spring, NYU hosts a huge PI career fair where students from Columbia and a bunch of other NYC area law schools come. The advantage of going to NYU is that the organizations and gov't bodies that interview are required to have a quota for NYU students compared to other students in order to come.

I don't know much about GULC, but I imagine being in DC the people there may have a political swing. A lot of people from or w/ aspirations to work on "the Hill."

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