Best/Worst Law Fair Reps of 2009?

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Re: Best/Worst Law Fair Reps of 2009?

Postby nyyankees » Thu Feb 18, 2010 12:47 pm

I went to the NY law fair and I really enjoyed the Notre Dame, UVA (Dugas) and Emory reps. The guy from Emory (Ethan Rosenzweig) was informative and very nice. It def moved Emory up a few spots in my mind

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Re: Best/Worst Law Fair Reps of 2009?

Postby AliceB » Thu Feb 18, 2010 12:48 pm

NU_Jet55 wrote:
Havaianas wrote:UVA grad school fair
Worst - Stanford (person wasn't there when I stopped by and I was there on my lunch hour so I was in a hurry), Tulane
Best - UT (very friendly enthusiastic girl who was also really pretty fwiw)

Yessss I totally agree on the ut comment-the girl was gorgeous and definitely convinced me to apply there.

Besides that, best=oklahoma, maryland
worst=smu, GW

went to the mink law fair btw

You appear to be kin to the two jackasses who wasted my 10 minutes at the Chicago forum. Any law school that has to drop clueless eye candy at a law school forum to convince applicants to apply loses all my respect. I wasn't there to analyze the dating scene at their school, I was there to have questions about the school itself answered. Just seeing this post makes me realize once again that the gender gap is alive and well.

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Re: Best/Worst Law Fair Reps of 2009?

Postby ec2xs » Thu Feb 18, 2010 12:58 pm

As a veteran of three (!) law fairs/forums:

Illinois, SMU, Baylor, Richmond, Wash U, and Tulsa have all been amazing. Tulsa stands out the most (I know it's third tier)...they have a really young and chill staff that is really dedicated and energetic.

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