University of Dayton

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University of Dayton

Postby LoBaas21 » Sat Jan 09, 2010 7:53 pm

Does anyone have any information on the University of Dayton? What is the city life? How is the perception of the school in the surrounding areas? Etc. Etc.

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Re: University of Dayton

Postby Anastasia Dee Dualla » Sat Jan 09, 2010 8:06 pm

Harry Ballsogna

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Re: University of Dayton

Postby Harry Ballsogna » Sun Jan 10, 2010 12:09 pm

I went to University of Dayton undergrad, so take my advice for what its worth.

I would only consider UD Law (and any other regional law school) if:
1) I could minimize debt
2) I was 100% sure I was comfortable staying in Dayton or the immediate vicinity.
3) I had something lined up post grad in another city

Remember, that Ohio basically has a law school in every city.

University of Dayton is an awesome community. Every school always spouts off a line about this, but at UD it is true. Every friend that I had visit from the midwest was always in amazement at how open and welcoming everyone was. It is hard to put into words until you experience this. Again, from an UG perspective this was awesome. All parties are 100% open to anyone that walks in... and there are a ton of parties. All of the housing is centralized, so what you are left with is 15 square blocks of only college kids. Friday and Saturday nights are a sight to behold looking up and down the streets.

Assuming you might be past the party scene, downtown Dayton does have a pretty decent "hipster" scene. The Oregon District is about 3 blocks of historical buildings that have some decent bars/restaurants. They have a nice old school arthouse move theater as well. Other parts of Dayton can be tough. Most of the major manufacturing has left the city over the past couple of decades.

The interior of the campus is beautiful. ... Dayton.jpg

The law building is nice inside and out, and easy to get to as its at the front of the campus. UD as a whole is going to grow rapidly in the next few years. The current adminstration just bought land that effectively doubles the size of campus. New buildings and housing go up every year. NCAA tourney basketball is fun to are insane at UD arena.

Overall, I think most would find it a fun place to be for 3 years. Sorry I can't be of more help specifically with the Law school... again, with any T4 school, I think one needs to think long and hard about the cost and risk associated with the degree. FWIW, the only good friend I knew that went to UD Law ended up going directly inhouse at Marathon Oil Corp. I believe he got pretty good grades... I would not go to UD Law with any aspirations of Biglaw or becoming rich anytime soon after graduation.

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