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Last Applications

Postby arundodonax » Fri Jan 01, 2010 7:46 pm

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Re: Last Applications

Postby rw2264 » Fri Jan 01, 2010 9:32 pm

arundodonax wrote:3.4/162

Have applied to:
Reach - Colorado, Davis, G-Mason, Wake Forest
Target/Safety - Denver, Lewis and Clark, Maryland, Pacific/McGeorge, Richmond, Rutgers Camden, Rutgers Newark, Seattle, Seton Hall, Temple, Villanova

NJ Resident, torn between moving out west and staying on the east coast (not NYC).
Schollys likely a big factor, though I might be willing to consider sticker if the school is right (probably idiotic, I know).
Thinking business/heath law, though this may change.

Should I apply to:
American - no fee waiver, not thrilled with the campus, but still considering DC and GMU is almost definitely a ding. 162 sits on American's LSAT wall - 50/50 accept/deny according to LSN. Almost definitely no money coming.

UConn - fee waiver - Sounds very much to be regional, and don't necessarily want to end up in CT, but sounds like a good school, likely no money.

Drexel - fee waiver - big gamble with the provisional accreditation, but likely big $$$, sounds like they had decent employment numbers with the first class last year.

Hastings - no fee waiver - my Davis alternate/reach - do I really want to risk moving to SF and pay $180,000 (no schollys unless you are made of something magic), though of all the schools on my list (except maybe American), Hastings sounds like it might have the best/most interesting job prospects?

Penn State - fee waiver- program going through revisions, new buildings, strong alumni network all make this school sound like it's going up, but I worry about the 2 and 3L long distance learning for some classes.

Pitt - fee waiver - Not sure I want to end up in Pittsburgh, and this school is regional, but sounds like a decent program, good opportunities within PA.

Utah - fee waiver - It's Utah. Utah has great skiing. It also has high(er) employment rates. I'd be paying sticker. This sounds like a dumb idea, but I still can't cross it off my list.

What would you do? Any other schools like these, with my numbers, that you would consider? I know since these are all regional schools I need to decide where I'm going to live.

apply everywhere you have a fee waiver. and places you'd actually go besides that, so probably not hastings. i think you should apply to american because DC has such great opportunities.

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