Can I get into Columbia with a 2.9 in Aerospace Engineering?

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Re: Can I get into Columbia with a 2.9 in Aerospace Engineering?

Post by Fark-o-vision » Mon Jun 14, 2010 2:18 am

To the OP, it seems that elite law schools are willing to overlook a crappy GPA if you have a great LSAT. I'm not even talking 75th percentile. As long as they can make your numbers work, they're going to be willing to look at you. Especially with an in-demand major. The consensus on here, and from the lawyers I'v spoken to, is that Patent is one of the few "safe" routes left. That doesn't mean a for 190K+, but you have a better shot, with a lower ranking, than the rest of us.

That said, why do you think Colombia would consider you? You have a shoddy GPA and even great programs that curve do so, usually, on a bell. For my mathematics major friends this meant they were almost guaranteed a D. Your 2.9, even in a hard program, doesn't illustrate much success. A 163 LSAT gives the school less reason to believe in you.

Get in the 170+ range and I predict a top 20 acceptance for you. Colombia may be pushing it, though.

Also, to make one last quick point, I hate that people call out History and English majors as "easy". While I'm sure they were easier than your AE degree, you should also be aware that many English and Philosophy majors prepare you much, much better for law school. More than a few of the Rhet. Comp. grad students I knew did Rhet. comp. in undergrad, went to Elite law schools, hated working in the firms, and decided they would rather stick themselves in Academia for 1/2 the pay and 1/5 the work.

Edit: For also doing what you love. :roll:


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Re: Can I get into Columbia with a 2.9 in Aerospace Engineering?

Post by Bucwild » Wed Jun 23, 2010 4:22 pm

To the OP-

As a fellow GT alum who didn't plan on going to law school from the get go. I can feel your pain. Retake the LSAT? I had a somewhat comparably shitty GPA, and I got into multiple T14s with a good LSAT. Go for the gold!

PS- Do you know who I am? I'll give you a hint- You lived down the hall from me freshman year!!!

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