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Percentile Question and Where to Apply

Posted: Fri Jul 10, 2020 9:07 pm
by Warble
How much can percentiles help inform target, reach, and safety schools? I know the traditional wisdom of a safety being over both 75th percentiles, but beyond that am not sure. For example...

I am 166 with a 3.9x high, which would put me above the 75th percentile for Cornell Law GPA, but barely above their 25th percentile LSAT (which is 165).

With Vanderbilt (167 median LSAT), I am also above their 75th percentile GPA, but just below median LSAT. How much more competitive am I at Vanderbilt than Cornell?

Moreover I really do not know where to apply, outside of hearing advice to just blanket the t14 minus HYS and probably Chicago. I also do not know if ED (particularly one with money such as Vanderbilt) would be wise, as I do not know if I can break into the top 14 with current stats (also: I am already registered to retake, so I understand the importance of doing so. I'm trying to get applications in line to apply as quickly as possible once applications open in September)

Re: Percentile Question and Where to Apply

Posted: Mon Jul 13, 2020 3:56 am
by dvlthndr
You are a “reverse splitter” with a very high GPA and a mediocre LSAT. Admissions are going to be unpredictable for you.

You will be above the 75% for GPA at most (maybe even all?) schools. If you were also above the median LSAT score at a given school your chances of getting in would be good. If you are between the 25% and median, you have a decent shot but nothing guaranteed. If you are below that 25% in LSAT it’s probably not happening. It seems crude, but the schools care a lot about their reported 25/median/75.

Keeping that in mind, you are about as competitive at Vandy and Cornell. But it’s hard to overstate how much you are selling yourself short by not applying with a higher LSAT score. There’s no reason why HLS (or CCN with a full ride) couldn’t be on the table for you. You can get your applications in order, but I would continue to retake (even pushing out until next cycle if necessary) until you have an LSAT score that matches your GPA. Otherwise, you are just selling yourself short. For the same reason, I would probably avoid ED entirely.

Re: Percentile Question and Where to Apply

Posted: Wed Jul 15, 2020 6:55 pm
by Pennoyer v. Meh
Fwiw, I had a friend with your numbers who got in at Chicago--just to underline the unpredictability of the process.