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Posted: Fri Jul 02, 2010 5:17 pm
by yoitsmebenny
Hi there -

I was wondering if you guys would help me get a better picture of my chances at getting in to some schools, as well as approximately $$ amounts if any. I think I'm kind of a unique applicant in terms of UG field of study, so I'm hoping that helps in my admissions a little bit. I hope to go into technology/IP law, which is where my background would come in handy. I'd like to end up in California, which is where most of the technology legal field (I feel) is centered.

UG University: University of Wisconsin - Madison (School of Business)
GPA: 3.4
Majors: Business Information Systems / Operations and Technology Management
Other: Internship at Fortune 500 company as a Server Analyst Intern for the summers between Soph.-Jr. year and Jr.-Sr. (present) year.
-Work as a help desk consultant / specialist on campus during the year.
-Worked as a legal intern at a local law firm the summer between freshman and soph. years.
-President of the UW-Madison Association of Information Systems Professionals
-Board of Directors of the Wisconsin Track Club, club cross country 2nd team All-American

Dream School:

Other Schools I'm looking at:
Santa Clara (High Tech Law program)
Cincinnati (gf goes there)

Where else should I be looking? Thanks guys.

Also, do you think I should write a GPA addendum? At Madison, core business classes are curved to ensure the average GPA is a 3.0. I've taken a number of business classes and gotten a raw percentage of 94%+ and still gotten B's in the class, which I'm sure would be A's (or at worst, ABs) at pretty much any other school.