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Minor Disaster: 3.39/170 ED? What would you do?

Posted: Wed Jun 30, 2010 8:48 pm
by Upton Sinclair
OK guys, I originally thought that my GPA would be very close to 3.5, and was planning on applying to some of the bottom of the T14 and others RD, then weighing prestige vs. $$$ blah blah blah.

Just went through and realized two classes that I retook from freshman year WILL count toward my GPA, and now I have a 3.39. This completely changes the game, as I believe that I have little chance at the T14, especially if I apply RD. Also, I believe this puts me behind the 8-ball as far as UCLA is concerned (which was a target to be sure).

I, like everyone else in the world right now, am apprehensive to go anywhere at sticker. From some of the research I've been doing, I have determined that schools in the 15-30 range will not be giving out generous schollys to someone with my numbers (add to that my avg. softs, at best). I am definitely interested in Biglaw, but I'm not Biglaw or bust. I am open to working in almost any location (I'm from Ohio and am indifferent to staying or leaving).

So my questions are: 1) Do you think that I should ED somewhere like Michigan, and what do you think my chances would be? 2) Do I have a shot at the T14 (Cornell) simply applying RD? 3) And if I do apply RD everywhere, what kind of schollys could I expect from schools in the 15-30 range, and throw in Ohio State as well. Thanks guys for your help. I just got the GPA news and now my plans have definitely changed.

Re: Minor Disaster: 3.39/170 ED? What would you do?

Posted: Wed Jun 30, 2010 8:52 pm
by PierceFromCT
Do you have to go to law school next year? I have the same numbers as you, but have four years work experience... from what I've gathered, it helps to have that work experience so law schools go lighter on the GPA. Maybe try to do something extraordinary for a year so there isn't so much emphasis on your GPA, and retake the LSAT if you think you can get it up. I have a 170 from June and just registered for the Oct test.

Re: Minor Disaster: 3.39/170 ED? What would you do?

Posted: Wed Jun 30, 2010 8:58 pm
by Upton Sinclair
I averaged just over a 170 in practice, so theoretically I could do better, but it could also hurt me if I retake. And yes, I am set on going next year (I graduated in December, and don't want to wait any longer). It just seems to me that splitters have to dip down the rankings to get decent scholarship offers. Anyone think I have a chance ED at Michigan, or is that pretty much out the window? Thanks.