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Resume Review Request

Post by Anonymous User » Wed Apr 08, 2020 10:23 pm

3L here. Would anyone be willing to look over my resume and give me any feedback? I am always working on my resume and am always looking for ways I can improve it. Thank you!


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Re: Resume Review Request

Post by tlssdenverco » Tue Jul 14, 2020 1:45 pm

As legal staffing, I would suggest you highlight your greatest achievement, whether from your educational background or from your previous job. there is nothing more attractive than getting the best character achievement in you.


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Re: Resume Review Request

Post by HugoPaine » Fri Nov 13, 2020 7:21 am

Hi, I generally have some experience and skills in this, I could help you, but you did not leave your material.. :?:


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Re: Resume Review Request

Post by holtz&bernard » Thu Dec 31, 2020 11:16 am

I realize this is an old question but being that it comes up often I figured I'd share some general advise.

#1. Optimize your resume so it is relevant to job you are applying to. For example, if you currently work on a variety of cases such as first party property, construction lit., product liability, premises liability, etc. but the position you're applying to is primarily first party property, then make a point to elaborate on that experience more than others.

#2. Ditch the objective and replace it with your title and main practice area as it relates to the job you're applying for. The average recruiter spends 7 seconds per resume. Let them know they may have found who they've been looking for by grabbing their attention with a big, bold title. Objectives are out dated and ignored.

#3. Grammar is HUGE. Writing skills are one of the most important qualities law firms look for in an attorney. If you have grammatical errors this will be a huge red flag.

#4. Use bullet points rather than paragraphs. Bullet points are much easier to read.

I wrote a blog post on this that goes a little deeper (I hope I'm not breaking any rules by sharing, if so please let me know): ... -stand-out

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