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hi all! I've been kind of lurking and checking out to see how Davis's waitlist went for people, and I wanted to say congrats! I'll be a fellow 1L at King Hall as well, and I did my first year of undergrad at UC Davis so I'm somewhat familiar with the area (I transferred to NYU for the rest of UG).

Murraj and Yikes--this will be a fantastic site for you as you research: http://daviswiki.org/
You can cross check listings you find on Craigslist or elsewhere with the reviews on DavisWiki. It was a big help when I was choosing where to live. They also have articles on local businesses, activities, etc. There are tons of apartment buildings to choose from, so don't worry too much if you can't get housing through the university.

Also, if you don't own a bike, I would invest in one. Parking permits are ridiculously expensive and not really necessary if you take the bus system or ride your bike. Davis is the 2nd largest bike campus in the world (2nd to Beijing is what they told us on the UG tour), so there are plenty of paths and bike friendly roads that you can use. I'm taking my car so that I can escape to Sacramento or run errands around town, but my daily commute will probably be more eco-friendly.

Alright, see you guys soon! Take care, and congrats again!


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Bump...For waitlisters 2010

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