American c/o 2015 Applicants (2011-2012 cycle)

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Re: American c/o 2015 Applicants (2011-2012 cycle)

Post by thenaj88 » Wed Oct 03, 2012 3:06 pm

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Re: American c/o 2015 Applicants (2011-2012 cycle)

Post by z0rk » Wed Oct 03, 2012 4:25 pm

thenaj88 wrote:
I am a part-time student at WCL and unlike the above poster I am happy to be here. I won't be coming out of school with 250k in debt, because I work full time and don't take out 7.9% interest loans to pay for my rent, groceries, etc. I work as a paralegal in the DC area, and I will graduate with 4 additional years (on top of my many years prior) of paralegal experience. I also saved my own money in advance of law school.

WCL is an excellent school with proven emphasis on experiential learning and a strong public interest law program (particularly in international affairs). For those who have an interest in these areas of law I say this: take all the money talk from the naysayers and trolls with a grain of salt. Of course you need to be realistic about debt, but that is a consideration with any school. Be smart, plan well, save up, and work hard.
You need to understand that people in the full-time program DO NOT have the time to work full-time while pursuing their JD. Also, many people WILL have to take out HUGE loans in order to attend. In addition, many students probably came straight from undergrad, with little or no time to save money.

WCL is one of THE MOST expensive law schools in the country.

It is well documented that WCL graduates have a VERY DIFFICULT time finding work. This is a simple fact and one that applicants CANNOT PUSH ASIDE.

It seems like you made a good choice given that you won't come out with the kind of debt many students have to deal with so no matter how well you do it may be worthwhile for you to finish your JD, but you are THE EXCEPTION that PROVES the RULE.

**Given you are part-time and not taking on large debt sums this doesn't even really apply to you. You'll probably have success, so I'm not trying to bash you for going to WCL***

Also, applicants need to understand that you are NOT guaranteed employment simply because you have work experience and paralegal experience. If you don't get a summer associate position in a federal/state agency OR big/midlaw firm after 2L you may be locked out of those types of jobs forever. If after 1L you are below top 1/3, I would seriously consider dropping out... After 2L OCI, if you have no luck, I would once again, SERIOUSLY CONSIDER DROPPING OUT... Especially from WCL, given the DC area is flooded with lawyers from the likes of Georgetown, GW, and not even factoring in HYS, etc...

Make an informed decision.
YOU need to understand that you are posting in a thread for people who applied and were accepted to WCL for fall 2012. You sound like a troll telling everyone they made the wrong choice, and you are barking up the wrong tree.

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Re: American c/o 2015 Applicants (2011-2012 cycle)

Post by vanwinkle » Wed Oct 03, 2012 5:15 pm

thenaj88 wrote:Make an informed decision.
Learn to read. ... 7&t=146613


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