JD Preferred Positions -- Civilian Investigator?

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JD Preferred Positions -- Civilian Investigator?

Post by Anonymous User » Sun Sep 22, 2019 1:08 pm

I'm looking to possibly change career paths and move to a different state with my fiancee. She already has a job available in the Bay Area and housing won't cost anything aside from property taxes/utilities. The problem is that I'm not barred yet in the new state (California) and it'll be close to a year before I can take and hopefully pass the essay bar exam. I'm not even sure I want to be an attorney anymore, it's something I go back and forth about. I'd like to keep the option open though.

I've applied to a few JD-preferred civilian investigator jobs recently -- HR investigations, corporate fraud, bar complaint investigations, police accountability, etc. I've thought about federal law enforcement jobs but I don't think I can pass the polygraph, due to having been inconclusive on it for the FBI in college. I think I'm generally qualified for local investigator jobs due to having a few years of prosecutor and criminal defense experience where I regularly interviewed witnesses, went to crime scenes, etc., but probably not as well qualified as a former detective would be. Most of my investigative experience is with white collar and mental health.

If I obtain an investigator job, I have some longer-term concerns. If I want to go back to practicing law in a couple years, will this be an obstacle? I'm afraid it'll make it me appear to be uncertain about lawyering, or just a weak applicant in general.

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