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Are you drinking or using other substances to cope with the pandemic?

Posted: Fri Jul 24, 2020 9:03 am
by eilenez
I'ma journalist that wrote a memoir (out in Feb, "Smacked") about a Wilson Sonsini partner that died an IV drug addict in 2015 and I included a lot of reporting about white collar substance use and abuse. (It grew out of a NYT story, "Lawyer, The Addict" [ ... ealth.html] that ran in July 2017.) I have posted on this forum before, when I was researching the book, to interview or hear from attorneys struggling with substance issues. I'm wondering now, for a story in The Atlantic, if lawyers are coping with stressors they may be experiencing on all sides--salary cuts, furloughs, lost deals, lost business, working remotely, spouse and kids at home, lack of normal distractions, etc.--with drugs or drinking or both. If you are drinking more or drugging more (and that can be legal, prescription, illegal, whatever) I'm curious to know why, what's going on for you and how you use it to cope.

I do not need your name, your firm's name, etc. I just need to know you're a real person, an attorney, and that's it. I have a secure, encrypted email where you can send me a note. It's
Thank you--Eilene Zimmerman