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The LSAT Trainer 1.2 Errors List

Post by The LSAT Trainer » Mon Sep 16, 2013 2:34 pm

Hi everyone -- thanks again to all of those who participated in the recent "error drive" -- you helped me save a lot of $, and helped clean up the book a ton. Future users will most definitely thank you for it, and I've asked the LSAT powers-that-be to give all of you an extra two points on the exam -- Those of you who sent me your email addresses should have already received your gift cards -- if you haven't, please let me know.

Thanks to the magic of Print-On-Demand (your book gets printed when you buy it), the cleaned up version (Version 1.3) is already now available on Amazon -- So, if you purchased the book on 9/16 or later, you version should be virtually typo free (thanks to tls), and it will be devoid of the errors below.

For those of you who are using version 1.2 (you can tell by looking at the copyright page -- it will say 17 16 15 14 13 2 3 4 5) here are the important errors that you ought to be aware of:

148. First diagram - in last slot should have, instead of “S/P,” “Sm/Pm”
164. Solution to Drill Answer #1: Number 5 has two lines crossed out; should just have one crossed out
164. Solution to Drill Answer #3: Number 4 has one line on top - it shouldn’t have that line and the space should instead be blank
164. Solution to Drill Answer #4: Number 2 has three lines crossed out; should just have two crossed out
166. First set, fifth question, answer should be “1,2” not “0,1,2”
166. Fourth set, sixth question, answer should be “2” not “1 or 2”
256.Unless example should say “sixteen or over” rather than “over sixteen.” so it should say “You can’t drive UNLESS you are sixteen or over,” or “UNLESS you are sixteen or over, you can’t drive.”
286/288. 2nd set (Medical Expert) - question #4 (“Find a principle…”) shouldn’t be there, and thus the solution is also not correct
307. #10 C is circled, but D (as per the explanation) is correct
402. #4 Answer D is circled, but E (as per the explanation) is correct
407. #13 Explanation is flawed. Should read: If Freedom makes a trip to T in week 5, there are only two options for where J can go (since it can’t go in four and since it must be preceded by G). Once we’ve drawn two boards, one with G, J in 2,3 and the other with G, J in 1,2, we can use the M-G-M rule to determine that in the first situation, M must go in 1 and either 4 or 6, and in the second, the only place for M-G-M to go would be 3,4, and 6. We can use these results to confirm that all answers other than (D) must be false.

Thanks again everyone for all of your help, and all of the positive feedback about the book.

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