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December Retake advice

Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2012 12:11 am
by kaseyb002
Sorry to start another thread but my situation is a little atypical.

Took Oct 2012 first LSAT, got a 167, was PTing at a pretty comfortable 172 last 3-4 weeks leading up to test.

RC -3
LR -3
LG -5
LR -3

I'm not applying till next year, so I'm not facing any time constraint. I could take it Dec, Feb, or June. Obviously I'm gonna retake it, but it's just a matter of when. For the 4 weeks leading up to the Dec LSAT, I could spend no more than 10 hours a week on LSAT (currently in grad program). There are obvious benefits to taking it in Dec, getting it done sooner than later.

Should I consider Feb? It's not like I'm gonna be any less busy next semester, but it would be an extra 75+ hours of studying for it. But dang I want to get this over with? Thoughts?

Btw, I'm just shooting for 170+. In other words, if you told me if I took the Dec LSAT and would get a 170 and that was the last LSAT I could take then I'd do it in a heartbeat.