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vegso wrote:
sl5uw13 wrote:
wingedwolf wrote:Seriously, was the 1st or 5th LG the experimental one?! Someone give a real (and validated) answer...
I'm freaking out bc I can't tell if people on here are joking ... me --> :shock:

the last one was the real one. the first one was a. really very easy and b. in the first three sections and c. other people who only had one LG section had the ones with the zones (the fifth section for us)
There was more than one version of the experimental LG and it was the opposite of easy.

Also LSAT+grades do a good job of predicting performance in law school, however im not sure how well that predicts doing well as a lawyer, depends on your definition of 'doing good' in relation to actually practicing law. Probably pretty hard to quantify
I hear that they are only good at predicting your performance in the first (and arguably most important) year. I don't think the LSAT predicts how well someone will be as a lawyer. I know too many high scorers who burnt out immediately after graduating and then starting to practice. I'm also not sure it can be quantified; the field is very knowledge based with nuances and judgment calls, so the attorneys I know and have talked to think the test is a joke/hurdle you need to get through. But there are more than enough stories and articles out there about people who started as lawyers because they got into great schools and left the profession later to pursue their real interests.

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