Aesis' December 2010 Retake Study Progress

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Re: Aesis' December 2010 Retake Study Progress

Post by kpuc » Sun Nov 21, 2010 7:37 am

r2b2ct wrote:
aesis wrote:I'm prepping somewhat casually in the sense that I'm not taking a PT every other day like last time, and I'm striving for maximum accuracy under constrained time limits. I feel a lot more relaxed, and am trying to keep that attitude the whole way through.
I feel the same way. I feel a lot more comfortable with the test after the Oct experience. I also think the ~month break from studying while waiting for my Oct score has helped a lot with both comfort and skill. I think I'm well on my way to conquering the RC section, which basically ruined my score in Oct.

Good luck Aesis and anyone else retaking in Dec.
That's exactly how I feel too.

I think the biggest fear that I had going into the Oct LSAT would be that none of my PTs were an accurate gauge of actual test-day conditions. I hadn't taken a standardized test in 4 years since the SAT and SAT IIs, so I wasn't sure of my test-taking abilities.

Then I took the Oct test and did pretty well, even with a total lack of sleep. So now, I know that there's not some mystical barrier between PTs and the real thing.

I've been able to quickly recover the tips and strategies that I learned while studying for the Oct LSAT, and it's not as if the 3-week layoff between the test and studying again for the re-take has forced me to suddenly start from square one. I'm mostly building on the extensive studying I had done in the summer, and I'm pretty much putting on the final touches. There's not much more I can do right now to improve, except just keep stupid mistakes to a minimum if not zero.

I've only done two PTs so far, though I plan to pick it up in the next 3 weeks. I've been doing sections almost every day, usually just 2. I've been mostly working out of the Cambridge LG book, which has been really fun actually. I hope it will improve my LG which is the weakest of my sections.

Even the boards here seem to reflect this calm. Nobody's reporting their PT score every 2 days or so. Most of us probably have acceptable scores already in the bank, and are re-taking just to make those high reach schools more realistic or nab some more scholarship money.


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Re: Aesis' December 2010 Retake Study Progress

Post by silly101 » Mon Nov 22, 2010 3:26 pm

GL aesis!

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Re: Aesis' December 2010 Retake Study Progress

Post by aesis » Wed Nov 24, 2010 4:14 am

silly101 wrote:GL aesis!
lol thanks!

Day 21:
I did nothing because I watched Harry Potter 7, got an oil change, and it was my little brother's birthday, so we had a big meal courtesy of Olive Garden -- disgusting.

Day 22:
To make up for my negligence I did three sections this day.

#48 LG 23/23
#43 RC 26/28
#44 LR2 23/26
Oyyy. Made some really dumb mistakes on #44. Important to at least check questions 1-10 as you zoom by them.

Day 23:
PT 56
#45 LR1 exp 24/26
LG 23/23
LR1 24/25
LR2 25/25
RC 26/27
98 --> 180


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Re: Aesis' December 2010 Retake Study Progress

Post by aesis » Wed Dec 01, 2010 6:36 am

I know I haven't updated in a while but was surprised to be relegated to the 3rd page.


Day 24:
#45 LR2 24/25
#50 LG 22/22

Day 25:
#45 RC 25/27
#30 LG 22/23
Starting the 30s again so I don't get used to the easy games from the 40s.

Day 26:
PT 57
#51 LG exp 22/22
LR1 24/26
LR2 22/25
RC 25/27
LG 23/23
94 --> 174

A good score, but not nice following a 180. BTW, I hate dinosaurs. Did bad on LR, surprised. RC, I'm desperately trying to whittle down to -0. Haven't been able to read my copy of Manhattan RC, but still.

Day 27:
#31 LG 23/23
Caught up writing essays for Berkeley.

Day 28:
Rest (schedule off pace now)

Day 29:
#47 LR1 25/26
#32 LG 24/24
CDs game. Almost panicked.

Day 30:
#33 LG 23/23 (warm up)
PT 58
#47 LR2 exp 23/25
LR1 24/26 (shit)
LR2 25/25 (nice!)
RC 25/27 (gah)
LG 23/23
97 --> 177

This is kind of funny to me. During October prep, I got a -2 on this PT and a 180. It seems I didn't remember the material enough to do a repeat performance. Really, I vaguely remembered it. Particularly the last game. Eesh. Nightmare.

Submitted my first app!
Can't wait for this to be over. 11 days!

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Re: Aesis' December 2010 Retake Study Progress

Post by aesis » Fri Dec 03, 2010 5:40 am

Day 31:
First day of December!
Didn't do much :(

LG #34 24/24
Man, these games are tricky. It's easy to spend 8+ minutes on the hardest game, and it would be the 2nd game, so you'd panic... then you hit the 3rd game and finish it in 5. It happens. Just have to keep your cool.

Day 32:
I was behind schedule so I had to do a 2-day PT cycle this week. I didn't really review 57's, so shame on me.

PT 59
#35 LG exp 23/23 (summer courses)
LG 22/23 (missed the substitution rule, careless)
LR1 25/26
RC 26/27 (yes!)
LR2 23/25
96 --> 178.

Feeling good. Not so good that I had 10 minutes to finish LR2 and missed 2. Misread an AC and was careless with the gum disease question. Answer choice bias while checking = not good for questions 12-25.

Was hoping to 180 this one, oh well.

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