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Post by declsatkiller » Wed Aug 11, 2010 11:00 pm

August 10/11

Completed review of last two LR sections done and got a decent amount of review done for correct answers.

I took a complete Logic Games section (I think PT-14) for the first time since my DT and got -1 in 34 minutes. this was encouraging, assuming newer tests' games aren't way more difficult for me...they're easier or at least more predictable for most, right?

I also started prepping for Reading comprehension. This was not encouraging. I was waaaay too slow and my accuracy was not even thatgreat despite my slow pace. Also, for this section endurance is going to be an issue i fear (well, endurance for the test in general really).

I've also decided im going to use tests 1-38 just for sections to practice with and for adding sections to the full length tests. I'll use tests 39-60 and superprep A,B,C for full length test prep starting in early september taking roughly 3 a week for three months, reviewing them on off days. All things considered here 25 full length tests shoudl be enough right?

Anyone have any success stories on RC and/or overall test endurance improvement and how they did it?

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