feeling terrible about feb lsat, need advice

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Re: feeling terrible about feb lsat, need advice

Post by 09042014 » Mon Feb 08, 2010 12:38 am

Snuffie wrote:
Desert Fox wrote:
newmvmnt wrote:I like that advice about settling. Come on we are talking about law school here. None of us are settling unless of course you end up as a manager at Burger King feeling all successful lol
I'd rather be a burger king manager than go to a T3, and I'm not joking.
Here's a riddle: What's the difference between the guy that did as you stated and the guy that graduated from Cooley?

A: One of them is practicing law.

When people are willing to accept a position that is far-removed from the dreams because it'd mean not having to accept less than HYS, I question why they want to practice law, and generally feel that the professio
n is better without them.
Not all law is the same. I don't want to spend 65 hours a week ambulance chasing, for 15 dollars an hour.

I'd rather live an easy modest life than work long hours in shit law.


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Re: feeling terrible about feb lsat, need advice

Post by joekim1 » Mon Feb 08, 2010 12:58 am

i personally am not too concerned about future work prospects, because i'm sure whatever i do, i will be in demand (aint that somethin). the issue i have primarily is whether going to a "mediocre" law school will be as rewarding and enjoyable as a better school. i don't care for academia or big law, for example, but i also do not want to go to law school for the sole purpose of becoming a lawyer. so if some schools genuinely are better than others, i wanna be there (naturally). but also, i realize that getting a lesser education can result in one becoming a "lesser" lawyer/legal service provider in terms of work quality. this is what i'm concerned about when it comes to future work, and probably explains the fundamental fear i have of settling for a lesser school if i get a "mediocre" score. i don't like mediocrity and think it should be avoided whenever possible, even for law schools (of course this is relative). i wouldn't want to repeat my undergrad mistake again.

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