Average LSAT scores for undergraduate institutions?

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Re: Average LSAT scores for undergraduate institutions?

Post by dcman06 » Fri Oct 15, 2010 9:12 am

rayiner wrote:
Rand M. wrote:
rayiner wrote:
afrikaans9 wrote:William Mary - 160

Represent. Higher than UVA - 158. Shows you how much the USNEWS ranking means with William and Mary at spot 31 and UVA at 23.
People at W&M are ugly and therefore have more time to study for the LSAT since they're not getting laid.
Taking that personally.
Sorry you weren't attractive enough to get into UVA.
W&M like any other school has ugly and hot students.

The reason why UVA's ranking (they are 25th now) is higher than W&M (Still 31st) is likely because they are better grounded in graduate research and that gives UVA a better reputation than W&M by default when other peer institutions judge schools. UVA Business School is a Top 15 (13th this year), W&M Business is 75th (I think it's been worse before); UVA has a top 30 Education school; W&M is a top 50; UVA has a Top 10 Law School; W&M Law is in the Top 30. UVA has graduate programs in pretty much every relevant field except for Performing Arts. W&M doesn't have many other graduate programs besides History, Physics, Bio. Chem, Marine Science, and Psychology. They don't have an engineering or medical school while UVA does. It's true, as a university when you include graduate schools, that UVA is the best in Virginia. I find it hard for any W&M alum who'd disagree with this. That's the most important factor in university rankings.

But also, their 6 year graduation rate (93% UVA; 91% W&M) and freshman retention rate (97% UVA; 95.2% W&M) are also higher; those two rankings are the next most important criteria in the US News rankings. But W&M's MAth and Reading SAT range is slightly higher than UVA's (1240-1450 W&M vs 1230-1440 UVA) and about 7.9% of classes at W&M had over 50 people; over 15% of classes at UVA had over 50. A number of years though I dunno right now, W&M consistently beat UVA in the "selectivity category" though it looks like we got beat out based on what I'm seeing in US News. US News ranking doesn't predict LSAT averages.....

UVA is also fully committed to being a full research institution which secures their reputation. W&M not so much. Some want it to embrace being a full research institution like me since I'm a W&M alum. Others continually think of it as a "liberal arts" university, along the likes of the University of Richmond but U of R is clearly a different animal. Former President Gene Nichol (the guy who was infamous for Cross-gate and Sex Workers-gate) wanted W&M to be more committed to graduate education, but I dunno what they're doing now..

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